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What Does It Look Like

To Work With Our Team?

Our Process Begins by Building a Relationship of Meaning

As your advocate in planning, we believe in the importance of getting to know you before we develop a financial strategy together. Whether planning for retirement or building your investment portfolio, it’s imperative that we gain an understanding of what you’re looking for so we can provide you with the experience you deserve.

Focusing on Who You Are, Before We Address the Numbers

Here’s what you can expect:

Step 1: Collect Your Resources | Generous Wealth Management | Boston MA

Step 1:

Collect Your Resources

Before we meet, we ask that you organize any data you believe will be relevant to our conversation, as well as questions you may have been gathering over time. Not sure where to start? That’s okay - we’ll work to address the details, together.

Step 2: Set Your Financial Goals | Generous Wealth Management | Boston MA

Step 2:

Establish Your Goals

Once we’ve gotten together and learned a bit more about each other, we’ll clarify the goals you have in mind for yourself, your loved ones and/or your business. We will also connect with any professionals you may be currently working with to ensure everyone is working in concert to address your needs.

Step 3: Create Your Financial Plan | Generous Wealth Management | Boston MA

Step 3:

Create Your Plan

With the details of your objectives on paper, our team will develop a plan that incorporates the steps necessary to help you move forward successfully. Once you feel confident in our recommendations, we will work to implement them in a way that makes sense for you and collaborate with any other professionals in your life.

Step 4: Revisit, Revamp, Repeat Financial Goals | Generous Wealth Management | Boston MA

Step 4:

Revisit, Revamp, Repeat

Over time, your plan will likely need to be revisited based on changes in your lifestyle, needs and long-term objectives. Together, we will make updates as needed and ensure you continue to feel comfortable in how your plan is working.

It All Starts With a Strong Foundation

Let’s Start the Conversation